What I Learned About Shipping A Macbook Pro To Thailand

cameron fous • 7th October 2017

I decided it was time a purchased my very first macbook pro. Is it good for day trading? No, But supposed to be great for video editing! I suppose I will find out. In edition, I learned a lot about shipping items to thailand where I currently reside, the costs, the mistakes etc.

In addition tried to send a asus 169+ mobile montior via myus.com . But due to having some supplements in the order it got stuck in customs! Taxes are also a huge hit you take i had to pay $230 in taxes for my $250 amazon order.

You can order apple products tax free from the apple.com/th store.

I’ve been a Day Trader for 12 years and a digital nomad for just 2 weeks. Is day trading the best job for digital nomads? i think it just might!


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