The 90 day ALL-IN-ONE trading system that has created profitable traders worldwide!

No experience required… just dedication!

After 14 years of refinement we have created a powerful and easy to learn trading system that can take you from novice to Pro in Just 90 Days! Once complete, You will have the potential to make a full time living Day Trading just 90 min per day from home or anywhere you want!

What is more important than money? TIME!

As a day trader. You will have the opportunity to choose your work environment which boosts your mood and performance. Imagine trading or working poolside in Thailand!

Time equals freedom! Becoming a day trader will grant you access to work from anywhere in the world and only requires 90 mins or less per day!

Are you a full time employee or student? Not to worry!

Day trading in some cases can require as little as 5 minutes.

Locking in $9,000 in the first 5 min of trading

Watch how you could add Supplemntal income before you head to work in this video where I made $9,000 in just 5 min from home.

This was all done before 7am!

Listen.... It took me 3 years before I ever made money consistently day trading. THIS WAS NOT FUN! But I have made all the mistakes so that you don’t have to!

What if you could get to profitablity in just 3 months?


The Fous4 profitability Road Map!

  • Month 1 : Learn The FOUS4 Day Trading System

    Learning to trade stocks on your own can be disastrous. In order to win you must learn from professionals and understand a complete strategy to succeed. The Fous4Trading Courses contain over a decade of trading knowledge taught by veteran trader Cameron Fous. His step-by-step teaching methodology gives you the direction needed to fulfill your potential.

  • Month 2: Be Mentored by Pro Day Traders and watch FOUS4Live

    Making $100s to $1000s a day in 1-2 hours is not something you learn overnight. However, with the Fous4Pro Training and private mentoring sessions we can greatly reduce the time needed to become profitable. Once you’ve built the proper foundation it’s time to join Fous4Live, our daily live trading broadcast, and learn the speed of the market and interact with other students and pro traders. you closer to success.

  • Month 3: Refine your Trading Skills with our Real-Time Simulator

    Now that you understand the Fous4 Strategy, it’s time to put it into action and begin refining. Test the live markets with our real-time trading simulator called FOUSim! This is your chance to get immersed in the trading environment and build your confidence before risking capital. You will gain valuable experience and a deep understanding of the FOUS4 Strategies, leading you down the path to profitability.

  • Day 90: Become profitable in the live markets!

    You’ve made it! You are now part of the Fous4 Trading Team. This is where students become traders after showing consistent profits on FOUSim and ready to become part-time or even full-time professional traders!

  • Trade hard. Live big.

My Promise to You

Me and my team work very hard daily with our students. I promise that if you dedicate yourself to my training program I will match your effort 100%. When I got started trading I had no help or support, which is why it took me three years to be a successful trader. I have created the Fous4Trading System so you won’t have to endure 3 years of trial and error before reaching success that I did. It is my goal for you to reach success in a much shorter time and it’s my promise to help my best to get you there.


What is the Fous4 trading strategy?

The Fous4 Trading Strategy is a unique and specific technical trading strategy developed over 10+ years and focuses on day trading and swing trading small cap stocks < $15/share.

The objective is quality stock setups over quantity through identifying and trading powerful Fous4 chart patterns using great risk managemnt. This allows everyone to maximize profits and keep losses small.

Meet the team who will lead you to success.

Who better to hire than my students! Are you next to join?

Cameron Fous

CEO - FOUS4trading
Day Trading Mentor

Mike Spinosa

FOUS4 Graduate
Day Trading Mentor

Robert Millar

FOUS4 Graduate
Director of Education

The Fous4 product line-up

  • $997 value


    Swing Trade Masterclass

    The foundation course that teaches traders everything they need to get started from square one. You’ll learn our core swing trading strategies that consist of 4 highly profitable and consistent breakout chart patterns that can produce astonishing returns. It doesn’t end there as you’ll learn critical fundamentals such as proper risk management, trading tactics, identifying profit targets, and hours of real trade examples explained!

  • $997 value


    Day Trading Masterclass

    The epic sequel that teaches you how to day trade stocks and make $100’s-$1,000’s in under 2 hours a day! You’ll learn exactly where to buy/sell stocks and how to navigate intraday volatility successfully. Not sure what stocks to trade? Learn how to prepare for success by scanning for stocks to trade and building powerful watchlists. Learn how to win and lose correctly through hours of live trading broken down for you.

  • $997 value


    Short Selling Masterclass

    Learn the dark side of the trading: how to short stocks! That’s right, you can make money when stocks go down as well. Our most probable trading patterns are revealed showing you exactly how to identify stocks to short, exactly when to short/cover, finding shares to short through your broker, risk management, and much more. The biggest edge you can have is master BOTH sides of the trade long and short.

  • $997 value


    Psychology Masterclass

    Above anything, your emotions and mental state dictate success in trading. However, trading psychology is the most ignored aspect in trading. Understanding Cloud9 is the single most important step to reaching success. You’ll learn how to master your emotions in both winning and losing trades, controlling fear, avoiding beginner mistakes, separating distractions in life from your trading performance, and much more.

  • $997 value


    Tune your skills in simulator

    Test the live markets with our real-time trading simulator called FOUSim! This is your chance to get immersed in the trading environment and build your confidence before risking hard-earned capital. You will gain valuable experience and a deep understanding of the FOUS4 Strategies, leading you down the path to profitability.

  • $997 value


    Day Trading Broadcast

    There is no better way to learn something than by doing it with the best. With Fous4Live you’ll see how pro-traders Cameron Fous and Michael Spinosa bank everyday during this daily video interactive trading broadcast. You are not by yourself, let our successful instructors and hundreds of students help you get on track with your trades. You can depend on our large community of traders to help expedite you to success.

  • $997 value

    3x Weekly Mentor Classes

    To be the best. Work with the best.

    Your opportunity to work in small private mentorship classes with professional traders 3 times a week! Our mentors meet with students in these study groups to review trades from the week, track progress, answer questions, and guide students to success. All study group mentor sessions will be recorded and archived so students can catchup or rewatch their mentorship sessions.

  • $997 value

    FOUS4 Stock Scanners

    Our secret sauce... Revealed!

    Ever wanted to know how to find the best stocks to trade in real-time? With Fous4 Stock Scanners you’ll have the secret sauce that Cameron Fous has customized to profit everyday. With our proprietary algorithms you won't miss potential trade and profit opportunities.

No one wants to be average…

Fous4 Traders

  • A Fous4 Trader learns and practices a step-by-step. Strategy perfected over 14 years with real professional traders.

    Start with direction and guidance from day one.

  • Fous4 Students are dedicated to their success a future career possibility for life. Through our accelerated trading system and support team our traders begin their path to profitability the right way

    Use the proper framework developed over years to build a new life.

  • We have a thriving community of traders from all over the world and different walks of life. We are all on the same team with the same goals... to help everyone profit and succeed.

    Interacting with trading professionals and peers is invaluable to your continued success.

Average Traders

  • Most beginner traders fail from lack of understanding a complete strategy before they start trading. Most waste time and money trying to discover a trading strategy through trial and error.

    Losing money is not the worst part. Failed potential from lack of strategy is.

  • Average traders underestimate the market and professionals take advantage at their expense. We’ve seen so many new and experienced traders missing key pieces to their profitability.

    Frustration at the inability to profit easily can lead to destructive trading habits and ultimately failure.

  • It’s true, the average trader fails in 6 months or less. The #1 reason being lack of proper foundation and the mentality that day trading is easy.

    YouTube and Twitter will not teach complete strategies for success.

How this Fous4 graduate became
a Fous4 day trading mentor?

I have a passion for trading stocks and made a conscious effort to get started the right way from day-one. No cutting corners just hard work. Through the Fous4 Training I found my niche in the market. Today, I trade but also enjoy educating and mentoring students daily. Whether you like it or not I'm real and honest about trading and destroying falsehoods and misconceptions. - Mike

Where he is today?

  • Trades from home on the beach
  • Expert in technical & fundamental analysis
  • Transparent Trader and Mentor
  • Upgraded his car to a new Maserati!

How he can help you

  • Specializes in both long/short intraday small cap stocks
  • Knowledgeable at Risk Aversion
  • Demonstrates the importance of patience
  • Works hard to communicate steps to success

The 90 day ALL-IN-ONE trading system
that has created profitable traders worldwide!

Fous4 Starter

$1497 $2,191 value

Are you a beginer on a budget?
Then this is the best way to get started trading the Fous4 System.

You Will Receive:

  • FOUS4 Swing Trade Masterclass
  • FOUS4x2 Day Trade Masterclass


  • FOUS4 Live Trading Room 1 month access • $197 value
  • Identify FOUS4 Patterns. Where to Buy/Sell, Profit Targets, and Stop Losses.
  • How to make $100s to $1000s in 1-2 hours of trading a Day.
  • Hours of Real Trading Examples.

Fous4 Academy

APPLICATION ONLY $23,340 value

The Fous4 Academy is an opportunity to join an exclusive group of professional traders including Cameron Fous, Mike Spinosa, and more. Together we will personally work towards your success. Space is limited. If accepted.

You Will Receive:

  • FOUS4 Swing Trade Masterclass
  • FOUS4x2 Day Trade Masterclass
  • FOUS4x3 Short Selling Masterclass
  • CLOUD9 Improving Trading Psychology


  • FOUSim Paper Trading 3 months access • $591 value
  • FOUS4 Mentor Classes 3x/week 12 months access • $14.400 value
  • FOUS4Live Trading Room 12 months access • $2.364 value
  • FOUS4 Stock Scanners Free download • $1.997 value
  • Exclusive FOUS4 Academy T-shirt Graduation Certificate
  • Fous4 Starter Course
  • Fous4 Pro Course
  • VIP Pass to the Annual Fous4Academy Stock Party
  • Private Access to Cameron Fous & Successful Academy Traders

Successful students

  • is a great way to get started trading. Fous makes some killer day trades and swing trades that are actionable and usually ahead of the curve. Fous and Mike put out video recaps and it provides an opportunity to learn and see exactly what they are looking for.

    Fous4Live/Chat Room is a great way to watch and learn. Many members contribute profitable trade ideas that add even more value to the Fous4Trading package.

    Brian Hill St. Louis, MO
  • I’ve been looking for a good mentor for a long time to get started trading. Did tons of research and couldn’t be happier with the Fous4 Pro Training.  Fous and Mike are very good at trading but what makes his video even better is that he is very straightforward and the content is very relevant. You won’t get bored out of your mind watching these videos, guaranteed.

    Louis Paul Montreal, Canada
  • I was actually pretty impressed with the Fous4 Pro Training Courses and Mentorship. A lot of the other courses I’ve seen were discussing setups that didn’t click with me as well. Fous has several simple and powerful setups that he teaches.

    Essentially, this is an “all in one” learn to trade program. The main value for me came in the easy to understand instruction of technical analysis and money management. I’m still using elements of this strategy today!   

    May Hasson Hollywood, CA