Top 5 Reasons Fous4Trading is the Best Place to Learn and Trade Stocks

Robert Millar • 14th June 2017

Today we are gonna breakdown why you have just found the best place to learn how to trade the stock market! Fous4Trading is a one-stop shop for everything a new trader needs to get started trading with zero knowledge to being a proficient trader in a short amount of time. How is the possible? With your dedication, the best education, trade support, software and places to trade. IN THAT ORDER If you are a new trader the worst thing you can do is ask me “Hey Fous, what is the best software or brokers?,” and you don’t know how to read a stock chart and recognize risk/reward parameters.

The #Fous4Team works with new traders everyday going through our 90-Day process to profitability. I have been trading for 13+ years and developed and simple to learn step-by-step strategy. Step One of that process is to complete Fous4 Training Courses. To work with the #Fous4Team daily you first need an intermediate understanding of the Fous4 Strategies and competence with the stock market. The next step is to study and trade with us on LIVE on Fous4Live (our daily interactive trading broadcast) and learn from professionals. The #Fous4Team is the most hands on group or traders/educators out there.

Yesterday, our student turned instructor and co-head trader Big_Mike, who made $65,000 in 5 months and Bought a Maserati with his profits, made $4,000 in minutes on $MOSY.

See how Big_Mike made $4,000 in Minutes on $MOSY:

#1 Our Credibility, Track Record, and Professionalism

These days there’s more and more “gurus” out there with only a few years experience trading, yet they provide training courses, chat, the works! How someone that has never experienced and survived a real market shift can give advice is beyond me. Hey, they might be making money now, but when the market adjusts and their unrefined strategy stops working good luck! So when doing your research first find someone who’s strategy fits your needs but make sure there’s a track record with experience! As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been trading for 12 years and sold my car to fund my account and reached and excited my expectations and goals!  The entire #Fous4Team that is here to help you ALL become success stories.  Robert Millar is our Director or Operations and Education and he mastered my strategy while in college AND working full-time.  He barely had time to eat or sleep everyday, but what is more motivating than making money trading only 1-2 hours a day? Mike Spinosa (aka Big_Mike) is our Head Trader and now Trading Instructor who worked as a broker for 4 years but wanted to be his own boss and also mastered the Fous4 Strategy and made $65,000 in 5 months!  You only need a little dedication and the right guidance and strategy to make your dreams come true. Make it happen!

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#2 We Promise to Work Hard for YOUR Success

I know this industry as I started this game before most and even today I know that ALL of us at Fous4Trading will work harder for your success than anyone. We take great pride in making sure our students or prospective student’s needs are taken care of. Unfortunately, the business of stock trading and education is mostly made up of complete hot-heads thinking they are above everyone else and rarely reach down to those new traders and give them the respect and care they need. When I got started trading I had no one to help me, I did it on my own, and blew up 3 accounts before I eventually refined and perfected the Fous4 Strategy. Just because I had those struggles doesn’t mean you should too! We take your hard earned money and savings seriously and we work for you daily so YOU don’t have to experience what I had to go through.  Students can make free consultation calls, Mike Spinosa and I build a powerful watch-list daily, I provide real-time high risk-reward Alerts everyday, for Elite Members we breakdown the market and our trades 2-4 times a week with our Video Lessons, and of course we run a LIVE trading broadcast in Fous4Live everyday at the market open.

#3 Our Service and Strategy is the Best for Those with Busy Schedule

Most of my students and veteran traders in chat have a life outside of trading, and you should to! Many times a week my students and I make hundreds to thousands of dollars a week trading literally 30 minutes! In general I trade 1-2 hours a day and make the most of the morning volatility, hit my targets, and go to the gym, do yoga.

Most of my students then shift to their day job, spending time with their family, or exploring their new travel location after the market session. As I mentioned earlier, Robert Millar was working 40 hours a week, taking 6 credits a semester after work, commuting to work and school and home 2 hours a day AND trading the Fous4 strategy and making money. If you think you’re too busy to learn and trade the Fous4 Strategy, think again! Robert finished his Graduate Degree in Environmental Science and deiced trading stocks was a better path to his success. So if he can do it, you can! For him and Mike Spinosa it all started with Fous4 Training Courses. They teach you my entire strategy from A-Z and with my real-time alerts, Fous4Live,  and powerful watch-list we make it easy for you to trade and follow the market. However, you need to know what you’re doing! Trading my strategy effectively with a bust schedule is only possible if you know and completely understand my technical strategy. You need to trade quick, think quick and know how to identify and trade the Fous4 Patterns. I leave everything on the table for you in the Fous4 Training Courses so you can learn trade as I do in a clear and visual video instruction steamed in HD on-demand.

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#4 Our Trading Community, Fous4Live/Chat Room are Unmatched

I’ll let this video do the talking:

#5 Fous4Trading has Everything You Need to Get Started Trading

Every new trader that comes through our doors here at Fous4Trading has needs, and as we have grown over the years its amazing but we have everything you need to get started trading and to actively trade as a professional. Let’s get everything that we offer squared away. There are several separate services here at Fous4Trading designed to make you a professional trader. Everything is step-by-step in a line your your success. There’s little overlapping so please don’t confuse any one product or service with the other as everything has a specific purpose:

Fous4 Training Courses – our complete online video training courses that teach you our entire strategy from A-Z in HD on-demand. No experience required and you will complete them and know exactly how to make money in the market.

Fous4 Mentorship – Fous4 Pro and Academy Students work with Professional Fous4 Traders 3 times a week. We will personally review your trades and make sure you have the direction to succeed daily in the markets.  

Fous4Live Membership – with the Fous4Live/Chat Room membership – where a community of traders share ideas with the guidance of the veteran traders. Here you’ll receive alerts of every stock in real-time from Fous (what stock, how many shares, what price, and a brief description of the trade game-plan). As member you get Fous4Live which is a LIVE HD Streaming service everyday where you watch our trading station/charts and hear LIVE commentary as the trades and money is made.

So there you have it guys! I hope the above breakdown helped you all with what Fous4Trading can do for you and give you enough confidence in our program and yourself to get started. Trading the Fous4 System can bring great supplemental and even replacement income if you take the right steps. Step One to reach those goals is the Fous4 Training Program.

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