This EPIC Bali Villa Costs How Much Per Night?! The Price Will Shock You

cameron fous • 7th October 2017

I have stayed in Villas all over the world. Paying upwards of $1500/night for one of Pablo Escobars former Penthouses in Medellin, Colombia to $1100/night just recently at the Ritz Carlton Honk Kong suite. So to come to Bali and stay at Villa Clarrisse which is way cooler than most the places I have stay this price was SHOCKING. And can actually stay for longer without breaking the bank! I usually prefer to stay in Airbnb over Hotels and Resorts as you get much more privacy and still get the full staff to come cook and clean daily. Villa Clarisse is one of the best villas to stay in Bali for sure!

If you are looking for the best hotels, areas, and or villas to stay in bali. Then i would Canggu is your most chill area next to the beach and has awesome villas. If you want a busier lifestyle the Seminyak will have the best hotels and resorts. If you want to shred the waves and live in cheap hotels, homestays, and hostels head to Uluwatu.


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