The Real Truth about a Day Trader’s Life

Robert Millar • 16th July 2018

Parties, flashy cars, yachts, girls, and tripping over piles of cash… That’s what being a day trader is really like every day… right?

Well, not exactly.

Then what is it?

I made a video entitled “The Real Truth about the Life of a Day Trader” to show you what it’s like. 

It might not be what you think! 

Ok, hopefully you have watched the entire video above and laughed a little. But, there’s some serious truths to it that I want to discuss with you below:

The 3 Truths about Life as a Day Trader


1) You are challenged mentally everyday

Every day you wake up your discipline will be tested.

This game is not easy, and anyone who tells you otherwise is misleading you. Trading is a mental grind and you need to be prepared daily.

There’s no trading magic dust to make you successful with little effort and following others blindly.

As a new trader you MUST have the mental toughness to block negativity out.  Ignore your friends and family that no ZERO about day trading; yet, warn that ‘you’re wasting your time.’

Remember, staying within your comfort-zone will only keep you stuck the same position in life.  

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Can you wake up every day at 7:00am and carry out a routine? Can you stay calm during volatile moments and disciplined during the calm moments in the market?

If you can take the time to learn a complete system first, and stick to it, even a brand new trader with no previous experience can thrive.

Find a group of positive like-minded people that share your dreams.  Fous4Trading is fortunate to have a thriving group of like-minded, positive and supportive students/traders built over 8 years. This will help you avoid some of the rough challenges that many new traders face along your trading journey.

2) You focus on preparation constantly 

Preparation is key! I know I pretended to be a Ninja at 6:00 AM, but in all seriousness, the MOST important aspect of trading is your routine before the market opens. 

Why? Because that dictates preparedness, mentality, focus and ultimately success.

This routine should get you mentally clear, so when you sit down in the chair and the bell goes off you are ready to seize the opportunities on your screen that present themselves.

Building a stocks to trade watchlist is the most important and skilled aspect of trading preparation. 

Luckily, we personally teach our students/traders how to build a powerful daily watchlist within our Fous4 Pro Mentoring Program. To be successful, you need to learn this skill. 

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Like they say, “preparation is key,” and that is a quote I embrace in my own trading, Fous4Trading, and in many other aspects of life.

Every professional day trader prepares outside of market hours to create their EDGE in the market. 

But how do professional day traders know how to prepare? 

They do so by gaining the proper training and mentoring background. This is so you can survive the markets as a new trader. That’s right, step one is to just survive! 

Soon, over-time your skills and experience will evolve. This is what gives you the edge in the market. But you’ll never get that far if you get started the wrong way and crash and burn. 

Through Fous4Live, Fous4 Pro Mentorship, and in-depth Training Courses we aim to give ANYONE the essential tools that they will need to prepare a successful long-term career as a day trader.

3) Maximizing freedom is your end goal

This is the point I want to drive home the most. Sure, the end goal is to technically make money yes, but is that everything? NO!

The money you make is only the result of learning this skill to free you from your 9-5 or give you practical options as a student.  

This is what trading is about! Giving you the chance to free up time to enjoy the outdoors, stay active, hang out with friends and family, and experience new things.

Successful day traders wake up each day thankful for the fact that they get to work at something they love, and that thing just happens to let them live freely.

You only get one shot at life.

So take this and your dreams seriously and make them happen!

It starts now!

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