Pros and Cons of Day Trading from Asia

Robert Millar • 11th June 2017

Hey Gang! It’s been an interesting 2 months since I went full digital nomad trading in Asia. Coming from San Diego where I started trading everyday at 6:30am to Bali, Thailand, and then Hong Kong where I started at 8:30-9:30pm it was quite the adjustment to say the least.  Overall the experience has been amazing and I’ve enjoyed traveling to some of the most beautiful places in the world while day trading everyday on Fous4Live with my students!

I wanted to share and explain my newest VLOG – ‘The Pros and Cons of Day Trading from Asia!’ I understand that many of you have yet to reach full-time Day Trader status.  It’s a planned transition that time from making supplemental income to replacement income Day Trading stocks. However, when you eventually do become a full-time Day Trader I highly recommend enjoying the freedom of trading and travel!

Here’s my VLOG on the Pros and Cons of Day Trading from Asia:

So for those of you new to my journey of 2017, I’ve sold all of my cars and possessions and left my home San Diego after 8 years to travel the world and day trade. Full-time digital nomad! So lets recap some of my best adventures in Asia! I started in Thailand, Hong Kong, and then Bali. Let’s start with Thailand 1 week after I changed my life. Was a totally freaking out and regretting my decision? You’ll have to find out below!

My First Week as a Day Trader Digital Nomad in Thailand

Soon after settling into trading life in Asia I had my BEST week of trading in 2017! It was one of those periods as a trade where all of your preparation is on-point and you’re riding the wave perfectly so to speak. Trading runs like these don’t happen all the time, but often enough where your confidence is on highs and you’re trading on Cloud9. See how I did it below!

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Learn How I Made $14k in a Week as a Digital Nomad Day Trader

After a couple of months traveling around Bali and Thailand in remote and rustic areas I wanted to explore something with more energy. There was really no other option than Hong Kong! It was on my list for years and a short flight away!

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