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Picture walking into your boss’s office and saying you’re never coming back. He’s surprised. He didn’t know you were looking for new employment. He asks where your new job is. 

You tell him you’re trading stocks. In Bali. Or maybe Cancun. Or London, if the weather looks good.

“Oh, that’s hard work,” he tells you, not sure if this is some sort of joke.

“Yeah, real hard,” you answer back with a smug look. “I’m working 90 minutes every day, making as much as you pay me for 8 hours of my time.”

You don’t wait around to hear what he says next. You thank him for his time, turn around, and walk out the door. You try not to dance and sing on your way out the door.

You’re done. You’re free now. You have your time back. And with your time, you have your life back. 
No matter how much you like your job, I’m willing to bet that if I offered you the same salary to only work 90 minutes a day, from any place in the world, you would leave and never come back.
Sound like a dream? It’s actually reality for thousands of others just like you.

The key is learning a proven day trading system. And I can show you how to do it. I’ve done it for thousands of others, and I can do it for you.
Who am I?
I’m Cameron Fous. Just a regular guy that got started trading stocks at a young age. I grew up a skater kid. When in college, I spent most of my time partying and trading stocks.

I had a true passion for trading. However, I got started without knowing what I was doing. I failed miserably for 3 years! I mean, I lost everything.

But I learned from my mistakes, talked to pros, and developed a unique strategy. Most importantly, I didn’t quit my pursuit of my dream to becoming a professional day trader.

That was 13 years ago. Now, I trade a refined and tested system that identifies only the best stocks to trade everyday.

It’s called the Fous4 Trading System.

Every stock I trade, must have a great risk to reward. I don’t care if the market is up or down. My strategy works in all market environments.

My goal is to make $1-3k every day. And my work day is only 90 minutes long. How’s that for freedom?

Don’t get me wrong. The stock market can be risky, but once you learn to manage risk properly you can be successful.
Some days, even with my strategies, I don’t reach my goal. But I’ve had $5k days. $9k days. Even a $15k day!

I should have been making this kind of money from the start…but because I got started wrong, I lost money my first 3 years.

You don’t have to go through what I went through. You can learn from my success as well as my mistakes. This will accelerate your learning process.
Trading stocks is a profession. And like any profession, if you want to make it big, you need dedication and training. So I made the right choice to dedicate myself to my dream. 

The Fous4 Strategy Helped me:
  • Have a 90 minute work day
  •  Score BIG with the market up or down 
  •  Manage risk and play smart to maximize my gains 
  •  Grow my account without a massive investment 
  •  Freedom to travel the world
If this all sounds like a life you want, let me introduce you to what I learned the hard way, so you don’t have to. 
What they teach you in college and the corporate world doesn’t work.
If you go to college to work on Wall Street, what you learn is a lot of boring, complicated crap. You’ll come away with nothing but debt and a piece of paper to hang on your wall.

This is called Fundamental Analysis. It’s nice in the classroom, but it doesn’t cut it on Wall Street. Sure, you make money in the long-term, but you won’t see the big returns you want... 

And you’ll still have to get a job and work a 9-5! It’s hard, difficult to learn, and takes a lot of time… economics, financials, accounting… In a word: COMPLICATED.

What day traders do is called Technical Analysis. Recognizing patterns and charts to see what and when to trade. This is the secret sauce to your trading success. It’s SIMPLE.

It’s easier to learn and a lot more fun.

And more importantly, IT WORKS! 
Fous4 Pro. Your ticket to freedom.
Day trading can be hard at first. But it’s 100 times easier if you have a system to follow.

Fous4 Pro is your chance to learn a proven system on 10+ years with the proper direction and guidance to learn.

It’s a 3 month novice to pro training program. No experience required as we work with new traders everyday.

It’s our goal for you to live big and experience your dreams - to replace your salary with just 90 minutes of trading per day.

To live big, you have to also think big.

Let's start 90 day journey and together we’ll get you out of the rat race. 
If you give me 2 hours a day for 90 days, I can make you a successful day trader.
When your training is done, we’ll trade live and give you confidence. Soon after you won’t have to work 8 hours a day. 

Instead, you can clock in for just 90 minutes.

Like what happens for some Fous4 members, you could find yourself replacing your monthly income with just one day of trading. When you have days like that, you don’t have to show up for work Monday through Friday.

With Fous4 Pro, you’ll learn how to make money on the stock market, without fear. 
When you’re done with my 90-day system, you’re gonna rock it in the market.
Don’t take my word for it - listen to what Fous4 Pro members are saying...
“3 months’ worth of work in 3 hours. Thanks!”

- @ChodyWho
"The patterns work like a charm. I wish I had known this a year ago… would have saved me on a lot of losses!"

- SchragerTrader23 
“My stock trading improved dramatically after the FOUS4 training. Worth every penny.”

- @StockSlayr
“I’ve been looking a for a good mentor for quite a long time to help me get started trading, and I found Fous. He’s very good at trading but what makes his video even better is that he is very straightforward and the content is very relevant. Definitely a must, if you want to build a solid foundation of your trading ability.” 

- Louis Paul
“Everything changed once I purchased the FOUS4 DVD set; it literally changed the way I traded. Before FOUS; my best month was $1,800. Once I started trading the FOUS4 patterns, I have broken milestones and made more profits than before. My best week, I managed to take away little over $6.4k in one week. **Personal best week I ever had so far!”

- Esad 
The Bottom Line Is... You Can Do This!
This is Mike Spinosa. He’s a Fous4 graduate, a day trader, and one of our Fous4 Mentors. His job is to make you succeed.

Mike wasn’t always a day trader, but he did want to work in stocks. That’s why he got a degree in Finance. He learned Fundamental Analysis really well - accounting, business profiles, economics, all that complicated stuff you don’t need to know.

All that education landed him a finance job making $50k a year. I’m trying to think positive here, but that’s not exactly breaking the bank, folks. Kinda’ depressing actually.

But what was the bigger problem? He was bored out of his mind! Instead of trading stocks, he was profiling companies and filling out spreadsheets from 9-5 every day.

Life was alright… except his training in Fundamental Analysis was getting him nowhere. He was still stuck at his desk, working night and day with other people’s money:

“I recall watching CNBC and seeing on the ticker every day these small cap stocks that were up 200-300%. I'd think, Why the hell am I here buying Facebook and Apple when these stocks are doubling and tripling in a single day!? I came across Fous, and realized he utilized Technical Analysis, patterns and charts, something that college never taught me, something that the corporate world never taught me.”
Mike got out. He invested in the Fous4 system, got trained for 90 days, and then he had the tools to really make a bang in the market. 

And this time, it wasn’t for his clients. It was for himself. He said goodbye to a desk job and never went back.  

6 months after graduating from Fous4 Pro, he was making 3x as much with our strategies!

He was making so much money that he was finally able to buy his dream car!

Now he’s living big and spreading the love as a Fous4 Mentor.
So what exactly do you get with Fous4 Pro?
You’re getting LIFETIME access to all my exclusive training and systems built to help you succeed.
That includes…
Even at full price, this is an incredible deal. A worthy investment toward your freedom from the daily grind.

Think about how quickly you will make it back after your 90 days of training.

But today I want to make you a deal you can’t possibly walk away from...
That’s less than the cost of a year at community college…

Less than a beater car…

Yet it’s an investment that could change your future.
Our no holds barred money back guarantee
I believe in Fous4 Pro. I’m willing to put my money on the line for it.

Enroll today. Try it out for 14 days. If you’re not completely blown away by everything I’m giving you, just let me know.

I’ll refund your purchase immediately. No questions asked. 
You’ve got a choice to make...
Three months from now, that could be you walking into your boss’s office. Turning in your final notice. Walking out to freedom.

Or you could be sitting at your desk. Watching the clock. Filling out spreadsheets. Trying to tune out your cubicle mate talking about his toenail fungus.

You want a change. Come get it.

Remember our money back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose.
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