How to Win in Today’s Stock Market

Robert Millar • 25th September 2017

What a market we are having! With the stock market up 22% year-over-year and breaking record highs there’s certainly a great but unique environment to trading the Fous4 Strategy. For those on the fence thinking they may have missed the boat; let me tell you, there’s no better time to get started trading and I’ll explain why.  The Fous4 Strategy is a technical trading strategy so regardless of the overall market trend there’s daily opportunities to profit. Up or down it doesn’t matter!

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So there’s several important factors to win in today’s market. First, I want all you new traders to understand that trading is the ultimate competition. It’s not just you (the trader) against other traders, but also you against yourself. So it’s important to understand a complete strategy before testing the waters of the stock market. Mastering your emotions is the most difficult aspect of trading! Yet, it is often the most ignored. Luckily, I have a NEW solution for you that I’ll tell you about later.

I’ve complied several of the TOP things any good trader needs to WIN in today’s market:

Learning from Veterans

So what’s the best way to learn to navigate these markets successfully? Learn from someone that has survived though multiple Major and Short-term market shifts! That’s why I created Fous4, Fous4x2 & Fous4x3. Each represent a set of strategies that can be used to profit in ANY market environment when understood together.

Markets can change, but not in the simple “bull” or “bear” market, major market environment shifts can happen. This means that the stock market action can change in a way in which particular setups or strategies that were working in one market environment do not in another. This happens when the mass psychology of the market and it’s traders changes. I break them into two categories…major market shifts and short-term market shifts:

Major Market Shift –  Generally succeeding a major market event, such as the Great Recession of 2008, when the market trading environment completely changes – almost permanently, and strategies and methods that once worked rarely do again. While rare, they can happen during your trading life-time.

Short-Term Shift – A a fairly common adjustment in market action and environment.  Typically, this can last for 1-2 weeks or even a month. For example, for 2 weeks stocks are ripping and Fous4x2 Long setups are being played and working cleanly. The following week, lots of false breakouts occur but there are many Fous4x3 short opportunities.

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Have a Killer Instinct

To successfully accomplish your your trading objectives and ambitions, there is a direct relationship between your ambition and your ability to to tap deep into your killer instinct. The greater your ambition, the more able and willing you must be to exercise your killer instinct. If you want to be successful everyday work hard then the next guy! All of my successful students busted their ass daily to become profitable.

Top Student Mike Spinosa and his NEW Maserati GT

Day Trading Journal and Watch List Building

Everyday I judge the market, my performance, and outlook for the next day by doing 2 simple things daily:

1) Review the market and trades for the day

By doing this for just 20-30 minutes you’ll set yourself above all the loser traders out there. Because they are certainly not keeping a trade journal reviewing what they are doing right/wrong daily. Also, they are not seeing what is working and not working within their strategies. This is critical for knowing when to adjust and pivot certain aspects of your trading!

2) Building a Watch List

A watch list is more than what stocks you might trade the next day. It’s a barometer for the strength of the market. In addition, it provides a game-plan for the next day and the practice of doing so keeps you prepared to anticipate the coming trades. I provide my personal watch list daily to my subscribers. Everyday there’s several winners on the watch list! It just comes down to timing and execution. However, it’s important for you to build your own watch list daily as I teach in Fous4x2! It’ll probably be terrible in the beginning but it’s important to go through the process and get better.

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Adapt to the Market 

Markets are dynamic, but most trading strategies are static and do not adjust to changing markets. The Fous4 Strategy is one of the few that have a 12+ year track record! I’ve seen it all, and teach you everything in my complete training package. As a trader, you have to know what to adjust, when to adjust it and why. No trading strategy will work 100% of the time, but it’s your responsibility to find ways to make everything you’ve learned work in different market conditions.


If you are perceptive you may have seen at the end of the video above there’s something new!

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