How to Transition into a Full-Time Trader

Robert Millar • 13th September 2017

Becoming a full-time trader certainly doesn’t happen over night. However, that doesn’t mean trading is a difficult to enter profession that takes all-day everyday for years.  With today’s technology the average person, regardless of location around the world, can easily access the market with powerful tools and software from the comfort of home.  In addition, with increased inter-connectivity from social media new traders can learn from trading professionals that can give new traders the needed guidance and direction to getting started the right way.

Then why is it that most traders fail? The number one reason is that new traders lack the proper respect and don’t treat day-trading as a serious profession. As I mentioned earlier, the easy access to the ‘powerful market tools’ that anyone can use can be a double-edge sword.  Yes, it levels the playing field and is empowering; but it also makes it too easy for an overconfident new trader to open a trading account and think he/she can beat professionals consistently in the markets. It’s equal to walking into a sporting goods store, buying all the necessary football equipment, and walking onto the field as an offensive lineman for the New England Patriots.  You will instantly get destroyed! Trading is the only profession where anyone can work instantly among professionals with zero experience.

The first step to transitioning to becoming a full-time trader…humble yourself and get started the right way. Find a professional with years of experience and learn a complete strategy. After you comprehend that strategy, practice, practice and more practice with professionals daily until you are consistent on paper. Don’t risk real capital until you are confident and profitable using the many paper trading options out there.

My Fous4Live HD Trading Broadcast is the prefect incubator for traders. You see my trading screen, hear market and trade analysis, interact with me and other traders/students, and exactly when I buy and sell every stock. All you need is 1-2 hours a day!

Fous4Live HD Training Broadcast

So we’ve discussed getting started the right way and the proper expectations to begin your journey in the day-trading profession. But, the purpose of this blog is to reveal to you the details about the transition from being a part-time supplemental income trader to a full-time professional. To do so, let’s go through how myself and some of my Top Students made the transition using the Fous4 Strategy.

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Cameron Fous – CEO of Fous4Trading

Growing up I was fascinated by the stock market as my dream was to become a stock broker. I attended Oregon State University with a Finance concentration. It wasn’t until my sophomore year in college in 2005 that I got involved in the stock market when my aunt received a “hot tip” on a biotech company called Cytomedix ($CMXI) that was supposed to be the next big thing at $4 a share. My entire family, including myself, put everything they had in this stock. $CMXI rose to $6 about a month or 2 later. Everyone was pumped up thinking it was going to $20+. I was bored, I wanted to learn how to trade stocks, not invest in some low-priced speculative stock. So I sold the stock, made good profits, and didn’t tell anyone. I woke up a few weeks later to see $CMXI was trading at $0.50 cents and  $½ million inheritance was wiped out in one day. Welcome to the stock market, I was hooked!

As the years passed I began to master the Fous4 Strategy I developed.  My only problem in the beginning was actually following my own strategy! Sounds crazy but it was true.  I was making highly risky trades trying to hit that home-run.  I blew up my account twice. Lost my initial $10,000 and then saved up another $5,000, lost all that… saved up another $5,000 again and finally began to actually stick the my strategy.

My 1997 M3 that I Sold to Fund My Trading Account 

I knew I could be successful as long as I stuck to my trading plan with discipline.  I knew there was light at the end of the tunnel and I refused to give up. My hard work and belief in my strategy paid off! After almost 3 years I finally became consistent and gain the confidence I needed to stay that way!

I had a choice to make as all of us do…either focus on graduating college and work for a financial firm or avoid the typical 9-5 life and trade stocks and spread my passion and knowledge to others with my business.  So I took that leap of faith and believed in myself and announced to my following that I’m going to start charging for my website membership.  The very first month of running a paid service I made $30,000 with people who believed in what I had to offer and agreed to pay for my stock picks many after years of using my service for free. I was only 23 years-old but after seeing how many people from my following signed up I knew I had a unique talent and I enjoyed teaching more than anything else!

But I’ve been there and done that with all the material goods. In early 2017, I sold all of my possessions to pursue the one thing that always mad me happy…trading and traveling the world!  I’ve learned that quality of life and creating memories is more important that possessing material goods. So, I’ve went full-time global nomad! Traveling and trading all over the world.

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Next I will introduce two student success stories that were so good and positive for the Fous4Trading Community that I hired them! With consistently growing interest in learning to trade I knew I needed more people to help new traders reach success.

Robert Millar – Director of Operations & Education

Robert Millar had a career as an Environmental Scientist and started investing in Blue Chip stocks in 2007. 1 year later the 2008 financial crisis hit and his entire portfolio was exposed the the market overnight and he lost 50% of his account within a few weeks. This was a wake-up call for him to become a more educated and active trader to avoid taking such catastrophic loses.

During the financial crisis Robert was working full-time, completing Graduate school, and learning to become an active trader. Talk about a busy schedule! Yet he still found time to learn and trade successfully. He tried several other programs before finally becoming consistently profitable with the Fous4 System. I asked him, what was his motivation to learn to trade which such a busy schedule? “I became hooked after my first successful trade. At first I was lucky and that soon ended. I wanted to absorb everything I could to be consistent.  Money can be a motivating factor, especially when I could make $300-600 before getting to work,” he said.

As Robert neared completion of his Graduate program he started to look for a new job to advance his career. To his surprise, after several job interviews the extra degree barely increased his salary.  “I was pissed,” he said. “I spent 8 years of my life always working under other people and doubled-down on a Masters degree which did nothing for my career. Thank God, I learned how to day-trade during that time. I had options,” he said.

With one semester left, Robert completed his Masters Program and decided to focus 100% on trading after 2 years of making good supplemental income. He took the leap and quit his job. I asked him at first how was the adjustment, “my first obstacle was over-trading as I now had so much free time. When I was working and in school I was so busy I had no choice but to trade only 1-2 hours, hit my daily profit target, and get back to work. Now it took serious discipline to stop trading and walk away from the computer station.” Robert eventually gained the discipline to walk away and became a featured trader for years in the Fous4 Community. So much so, I brought him on-board to help me with all the new interested traders looking to change their lives like he did.

Robert’s New BMW M4!


I asked him what advice would he give to new traders trying to transition to becoming a full-time professional and he said, “always be a student of the game and learn from yourself and others. Before even thinking about going full-time focus on making nice small gains consistently and supplementing your income. With trading it’s you against them so you better be prepared and disciplined to win consistently.”

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Michael Spinosa – Co-Head Trader & Lead Education Instructor 

Michael’s interest in the stock market began with his Grandfather who loved the market and invested nicely throughout his life. This motivated Michael (aka Bike_Mike) to pursue a degree in Finance and Economics. However, what Mike really wanted to learn was how to trade stocks successfully.  After graduation, Michael followed the generic path of getting involved in the stock market getting his series 7, 63, and 87 licensee’s and Michael lived the typical corporate 9-5 of an Analyst for 5 years.  Wanting more freedom and a bigger paycheck he came across the FOUS4 Training Program and did what most only dream of, he quit his job to become a full-time day trader.

I asked him what were his thoughts on his transition to from 9-5 to full-time day trading working from home. “It was certainly a leap of faith,” he said. “I knew I had a lot to learn, but a leaned on my teachings and guidance from the Fous4 Community. In hindsight, I should have practiced more first. But it all worked out int he end”

Big_Mike went on a 6 months hot streak and banked $60,000! Michael soon went on to use his profits to buy a Maserati similar to mine! Michael is now co-head trader at Fous4Trading and co-hosts our daily trading broadcast Fous4Live.

Mike’s New Maserati GranTourismo!

I certainly hope these examples help YOU and your journey to becoming a full-time Day Trader. There are many other examples and I hope that soon you too can be one of them. We are here to make sure you get there. 

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