How to Start Day Trading in College

Robert Millar • 24th July 2018

College…the place to learn and to experiment a lot of things, the good and the bad. 

The place you finally feel the freedom away from high school and your parents. 

But, is this long lasting freedom? Is college preparing you for the next stage of life? Will College provide a pathway to true freedom? These are important questions to ask yourself. 

To me freedom is being able to travel when you want and work from wherever in the world on YOUR timeline. Not one someone else’s in a cubicle from 9-5. 

Unfortunately, 90% of what you learn in college won’t transfer and help you in that next stage. What is guaranteed to transfer over is debt and wasted time. 

Lets face it, everyone agrees that college today is too expensive. This is the majority complaint from students today; followed by stress (38%) and alcohol abuse (32%). 

You can certainly have a great time in college and have attended some epic parties.  But, there is growing evidence that questions the cost/benefit of college verses a practical experience and skills. 

With the ease of college loans today everyone is going to college. So, if everyone is going to college for a bachelors degree it’s like the new high school degree. Now, they push you to Masters degrees! When does it end?

Watch the Fous4Trading Podcast as we discuss How to Get Started Trading in College 

Of course, everyone should pursue their dreams and education. But, if being a professional day trader is also a dream or very intriguing we’re here to help. We too got started trading in college! We know everything about balancing the college experience with learning the practical skills of day trading. 

Luckily, the Fous4Team offers a complete 90 Day Mentoring Program. Regardless of your location or skill level we can help you succeed in trading our strategies. 

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