How To Setup Your Tc2000 Charting

cameron fous • 4th October 2017

Tc2000: The mother of all charting programs. It can do a lot of stuff but i prefer to keep things simple with just a few indicators and settings. 


Here are the indicators i use and setup on tc2000.

Moving Averages: These are the 3 that i use to follow both long and short term trends that I have found to be very significant in giving you strong signals of support, resistance, and trend changes. 

13 day exponential moving average
50 day moving average
200 day moving average

Intraday charting: VWAP

volume weighted average price: This is a great indictor showing where heavy volume is being traded on a stock. Thus giving us a good indication of support and resistance

Overlay: RSI aka Relative Strength Index

The RSI an indicator showing whether a stock is overbought or oversold 

That’s it! In the video below I will show you exactly how i setup my charting layout in TC2000 so that you can do the same with your TC2000 Account

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