How I made $14,000 in a Week Trading Stocks

Robert Millar • 13th March 2017

Wow, what a great market we are experiencing so far in 2017! This past week specifically has had some amazing trading opportunities that I executed nearly flawlessly all week. Including my biggest trade of the year! As many of you know, I sold everything and became a full time digital nomad! Fully enjoying the freedom that being a stock trader provides. It’s my goal for all of my students to have the freedom that I worked so hard to attain.

My first stop? The beautiful Thailand! While certainly beautiful, I’m not sure what’s worse, trading at 6:30am in San Diego or 8:30pm here in Thailand. The past week I finally felt adjusted to the night trading and made $14,000 only trading 1-2 hours a day!

These Week in Review Blogs take me a long time to bring you quality thoughts and lessons to learn.  In addition, with the craziness of the market gone I can methodically review what I did right, wrong, or could have done better. NEW TRADERS, you need to be doing this every weekend! If you want to get better at trading and make thousands a week like me you too need to be reviewing your trades every weekend. Now, let’s get started on the week of March 6th and break-down the plays that were alerted in real-time to Fous4Trading Members.

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Monday–March 6, 2017

I only placed one trade but it would result in something great! Not every trading day is packed with trades and excitement. Becoming a professional trader takes patience, discipline, and good risk management.

The daily chart on $CVRS was a picture perfect overextended play that I wanted to watch for an FU breakdown. It had been on the stocks to watchlist for a couple of days so all Fous4Trading Members were well prepared for the trade.  Finally, patience payed of and $CVRS gave us that FU breakdown pattern I had been looking for. Take a look at the daily chart below:

I scaled into a $CVRS full position within the first 3 hours of the market:

9:38AM EST – $CVRS Short 15000 shares @ $1.30

9:39AM EST – $CVRS Short 5000 shares @ $1.29

9:51AM EST – $CVRS Short 5000 shares @ $1.23

9:51AM EST – $CVRS Short 10000 shares @ $1.21

So I was fully loaded on this stock with 35,000 shares with an average price of $1.26. When you scale-in or scale-out of a position, you enter and exit in stages rather than all at once.  By taking a small initial position, you can test out the trade before committing a large sum of money. As a trader you will rarely perfectly time your entry on every trade. So I recommend all you new traders out there try scaling in and out of your trades.

I decided to swing trade this short position as it was forming up nicely. Therefore, my daily total was $0. Lets see what the next day brings!

Total on the Day = $0

Tuesday – March 7, 2017

Today would turn out to be my BEST trading day of 2017! I was exited while watching the pre-market action $CVRS was gaping-down. I couldn’t wait for the market to open! $CVRS opened at $1.13 and I covered all 35,000 shares at $1.05 for $6,734!

In under 30 minutes I made the biggest trade of 2017:

9:50AM EST – $CVRS Covered 35,000 shares @ $1.05 +$6,734 +18%

Total on the Day = +$6,734

Wednesday – March 8, 2017

The HOT trading week continued into Wednesday with $CERU and $OCRX.  $CURE is a Fous4 Survival Pattern that I teach in my Fous4 Training courses. The patterns are alive and well today! If you are looking to learn a successful strategy I would highly consider the Fous4 Training program. there’s no prior knowledge required and I leave everything on the table with my step-by-step video instruction. $OCRX is a pure momentum play that I played the F1 Breaking out in the AM banking +$2,300! All made in under 10 minutes! Check out the chart analysis below:

As you’ll see below $CERU did not work out this day as I lost -$540 with a failed F1 Pattern. However, I’m not done with this stock yet as you will see later on. Remember traders, not every stock pattern will break-out or break-down exactly when you want it to. Patience is everything in trading! Check out the chart analysis below:

In 1 hour I made the following trades:

10:00AM EST – $CERU Buy 20,000 shares @ $1.42 Sell @ $1.39 -$540 -1%

10:20AM EST – $OCRX Buy 22,140 shares @ $0.894 Sell @ $1.00 +$2,300 +10%

Total on the Day = +$1,760

Thursday – March 9, 2017

$OCRX continued to rip! I tried to flip the trade and go short instead of going long like I did on Wednesday. However, $OCRX had different ideas as it ripped to almost $2.00, an over 100% gain from my Wednesday long entry at $0.89!  Luckily, I took a small loss on my short and just watched her rip. Overall, I came out on-top and can’t complain as I got a nice piece of the pie. I also traded $ROX and sold flat out of boredom as it’s notoriously a slow moving stock.acadbutton

I made the following trades:

9:32AM EST – $OCRX Short 10,000 shares @ $3.12 ADD @ $1.32 -$100 -<1%

10:12AM EST – $ROX Buy 30,000 shares @ $1.00 Sell @ $1.00 FLAT

Total on the Day = -$100

Friday – March 10, 2017

It’s Friday! As a trader Friday’s are very important as your trading this day defines your mood for the weekend. You will either party all weekend with profits and happiness OR drinking your sorrows away with losses. BUT that is what the weekend is for, to recoup mentally and come back ready to attack the following Monday. This Friday we closed the week strong! Lets get right into the trades.

The following trades were made:

9:33AM EST – $CRIS Short 5,000 shares @ $3.12 ADD 10,000 @ $3.05 Cover @ $3.03 +$300 +6%

9:37AM EST – $PIP Short 20,000 shares @ $0.96 ADD 10,000 @ $0.885 Cover @ $0.865 +$1,949 +19%

12:42AM EST – $CERU Swing Short 15,000 shares @ $1.46 Currently @ $1.75 +$4,200 +20%

Total on the Day = +$6,449

Weekly Profit Tally 

Monday: $0

Tuesday: +$6,734

Wednesday: +$1,760

Thursday: -$100

Friday: +$6,449

Total Week’s Profits: +$14,443

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