How Balance in Your Life Can Improve Your Trading

Robert Millar • 9th October 2016

Hello all! I after an exciting 2 months of market action, Fous4 Academy wrapping up a good friend of mine was traveling to Tulum, Mexico for her dirty-thirty birthday! Of course, as any person would you initially think of all the things you have to do…but “Oh yea! I’m a Professional day-trader, adios San Diego ya voy para México!!”  Regardless of the destination and the expenses we all sometimes have that initial reaction to talk ourselves out of some good ol’ rest and relaxation.  So today I’ll explain and show you direct results of why everyone needs a healthy balance in their lives to reach success while at home working or traveling. At the end, I’ll show you how I’m confident my revitalization trip to Mexico resulted in a BIG trade. But first, lets review the most important components you need to balance in be a successful trader.

Physical Health is obviously one of the most important benefits of balancing work, personal time, exercise, family, and travel. Whether you are a student or hustler at work, it’s easy to let things like exercise and diet go by the wayside once things get busy. While playing this game of trading you better be winning! Give your Fous4 Training, relationships, family, exercise, and rest and relaxation their fair time and 100% focus.

Trading can be a stressful game, whether you are new to trading or a professional, the market will not always go your way. You need to adjust yourself to the market while sticking to your strategy and keeping losses small and locking in those gains.  In my Fous4 Training/Mentorshjp Program, I show you step-by-step how to trade and exactly how and where to buy and sell the patterns to become a professional trader. However, if your mind isn’t right for every second that you’re trading you will NOT be successful even as I give you daily profitable alerts. You need to be focused and in the game with the #Fous4Team at all times. Trading can be very exciting at times, completely boring at times, and maddening at times so keeping a balance in your life WILL help your focus on the market and help with your consistency.

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Before we continue to this powerful information I’m going to share be relevant, you have to understand a stock trading strategy and system that works.  Maintaining a balanced lifestyle won’t matter if you have NO idea what you’re doing in the stock market. I don’t care if you’re a Zen-Ninja, if you don’t understand the Fous4 Trading Strategy you’ll lose money.  Trading the Fous4 System can bring great supplemental and even replacement income with just 1-2 hours a day! So take this Profession seriously and Step One to reach profitability are the Fous4 Training/Mentorship Program




Exploring and Traveling the country and the world is one of the most rewarding and memorable things one can do while on this Earth. The luxury items in life have obvious value and status, but then I think of the times traveling with my friends creating lasting memories and this brings so much more continued happiness and drives me to create more memories and explore.

Check out the amazing Tulum, Mexico:

Whether you are new to trading the Fous4 Strategy or not get out there! Even if it’s a quick fishing trip, long weekend in mountains, or a quick day trip 3 hours away. The market isn’t going anywhere, but your mental capital, not your monetary capital to trade, is more important than anything.

Social and Spiritual connection is important and I don’t mean you have to go to church or temple. While that would certainly qualify and help with this criteria, but in general I mean connecting with something else besides Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Something real! As a trader you can get easily find yourself on the computer all day with blood-shot eyes and start trading like a maniac. Connect with the REAL WORLD. For me I like to do Yoga to clear the mind and breath out the bad energy and stress out and the new and good energy in. You don’t need to go anywhere far or need a lot of time to accomplish this and I promise it will help you in trading and in life.

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So we have a lot of traders that also have day-jobs as they learn and transition to full-time traders. Those traders obviously have to balance a lot, but for you guys out there grinding and trying to reach your goals with a busy schedule please take the above into practice as much as you can. I’ve had many students leave their careers to become full-time traders, but first you need to show consistency and reaching a balance in your life can help you reach and surpass your goals!

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How I Made almost $2,500 on 1 Trade after Revitalizing in Mexico 

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This stock was up 400% in several days and nearing resistance. So we took it for +$2,500! It wasn’t easy as this stock started to squeeze on me and I was close to stopping out for a small loss.  But I stayed relaxed and focused on the trade and let the trade play out. I’m confident that if I had not spent the long weekend relaxing and clearing the mind in Tulum, Mexico I would have stopped out and ruined this trade!

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