Full Time Social Media Creator/Manager for FOUS4trading and Cameron Fous Brand

cameron fous • 12th October 2017

For a decade I have become proficient in all of the things listed below.  However, I no longer have the time to do these things myself and need someone to do this full-time so we can grow at scale. We are looking for someone who has ALL of these skills. THAT IS THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENT for this job. If you do not posses ALL of these skills then please do not apply. Unless you have some secret super human capability that overpowers the listed skills required for this job!

Looking to hire someone in the Los Angeles area as we are looking to make this our future HUB. WARNING – HUSTLERS ONLY

JOB benefits:

  • Work with a highly motivated team and worldwide renowned brand.
  • Work with me directly on a daily basis collaborating ideas.
  • Ability to be extremely creative and have your own voice in the company.
  • Potential for worldwide travel with the team. As Traveling is my #1 Hobby and a huge part of our marketing.
  • Healthy hourly wage with room for growth based on performance. 

Skills Required: (but not limited to)

  1. Copy-writing

A fundamental skill for social media marketing (and probably all areas of marketing). Writing good copy is required in many areas of a social media manager’s role, from filling up your social media profile description to crafting tweets and Facebook posts. To drive engagement and clicks, you have to fit a captivating story into your social media post and without great copy-writing skills that can be difficult. 

  1. Graphic Design, Photography,  and Video Skills 
Imagery and video is the core of social media. You must be skilled in crafting areas such as Canva, Photoshop, Adobe Spark, Adobe Premiere, other video editing.  Knowing how to work with a DSLR camera for photos/video is a huge plus.  Ability to make Instagram/snapchat motion graphics stories for ads and general posts in a major perk 
  1. Customer Service and engagement
You must be able to interact and engage with our audience and in our voice. Every comment on every channel. Needs to be engaged in a timely manner and engaged with a reply of value that both helps the customer and drives sales for the business. 
“As the face of your company on social media and the person who is likely to be responding to at least some of the messages your brand receives on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, it’s important for social media managers to have conversational skills and empathy to help you customers on social media.”  
  1. Creative Storytelling
The back bone of social engagement is telling a good story. You must be able to take our current content such as photos and videos. And re-create an engaging and compelling story via video and photos. Scour through my youtube content and come up with short compilations for memes and motivational videos for instagram/facebook ads and posts. In addition, consistently be working on new ideas about how we can create a new story to tell and engage our audience. 
  1. Contests and giveaways 
Come up with ideas and manage contests and give always that can engage our audience and spread social awareness. Such as running a give away on a product if they tag 3 friends on our post.  
  1. Content Calendar Schedule and Posting 
A schedule should be built out for at least 2 weeks of prepared posts using a content calendar application such as Planoly or CoSchedule. Testing any number of posts per day. Likely 3x day for each account working with:
Youtube – Post titles, thumbnails, links, tags, descriptions in efficient and strategic manner
facebook – daily posts for ads or regular posting
Instagram – daily posts for ads or regular posting
Twitter – daily posts fort ads or regular posting
Snapchat – Curate ads   
  1. Competitor Analysis
Analyze competitors and see what they are doing right across our industry and study other marketers. Plan and execute adjustments and new plans.
  1. Proficiency in Social Platforms
Proficient in posting different post types in all platforms. Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. Creating unique posts that gears towards each platform.  
  1. Influencer Management / PR
This is not fully required as we may have someone on this full time. But your hire rate could be greatly increased. Research Instagram constantly finding other influencers that hit our target audience to do paid promotions with. Reach out and negotiate deals to paid collaborations and utilize the content and stories we create to post on their social media platforms. 
To apply,  Answer the Following questions below and send your application to team@fous4trading.com
1. Name, Age, Location. 
2. What makes you stand out over the other 100+ applicants we are expecting? 
3. Who are your biggest inspirations on Social Media? And how can we utilize what they are doing to inscrease our exposure at @fous4trading and @cameron.fous ? 
4. Take a look at my company, branding, and social media. Provide me with at least 1 thought of constructive criticism. More the better.
5. Provide to me multiple samples of your work in social media across several platforms
6. Grab pics from my social media and create some compelling posts to show me your work. want to make a video? Whoa your getting me all tingly! You can use free apps such as 4k downloader to download my youtube videos and make something.
example video i just made HERE
Example Pic HERE and HERE
6. How long have you been working in social media? 
7. Provide me examples of your organizational and scheduling skills 
8. What social media tools are you familiar with using? Hootsuite? Sproutsocial? Vidiq? Planoly? Coschedule? Latergram? Tubebuddy? Slack? just to name a few..
9. How many clients are you currently working with on social media if any?
10. Provide me your Experience that matters to this job such as online training etc. IDGAF what school you went to. As far as I’m concerned college teaches you how to become a functional alcoholic and that’s about it.

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