FOUSim – The Ultimate Practice Paper Trading Solution

cameron fous • 5th October 2017

You guys are anxious to get started and make bank… I know this. But you need patience and practice first. Once complete with the FOUS4 training program it’s time to get started in the FOUSim paper trading simulator! This will give you access to a professional trading platform on before you risk your actual money in the live markets. 

Important: FOUSim Access must be requested before the 1st of the month to We’ll then get you the software access and login credentials to the platform.

Mac Users: FOUSim does not work naively on Macs, if you have a Mac your only option is to purchase and run Parallels. Most professional trading software does not run on Macs and Parallels is the only work-around. If you have a Mac and intend to use it for trading make sure this is setup before you on-board with FOUSim. 

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