The Good, Bad & the Ugly of Trading Stocks

Robert Millar • 17th October 2018

Through my 14 years of experience as a professional day trader, this game has definitely changed me in many ways… permanently. I know for a fact that if I was not day trading my life would be way different. Reflecting on how my life was before I started doing this full time out of college […] Continue reading

The Real Truth about a Day Trader’s Life

Robert Millar • 16th July 2018

Parties, flashy cars, yachts, girls, and tripping over piles of cash… That’s what being a day trader is really like every day… right? Well, not exactly. Then what is it? I made a video entitled “The Real Truth about the Life of a Day Trader” to show you what it’s like.  It might not be […] Continue reading

How to Trade the 13EMA Bounce Strategy

Robert Millar • 14th June 2018

What is the 13 EMA? The 13 (exponential moving average) EMA is a key component to the Fous4Trading Strategy. A moving average can be calculated in different ways. A thirteen-day simple moving average (SMA) adds up the thirteen most recent daily closing prices and divides it by thirteen to create a new average each day. […] Continue reading

EXPOSED: The Truth Revealed About Life As A Day Trader

cameron fous • 3rd November 2017

This is the the REAL truth about life as a day trader! We had a whole lot of fun filming this video. In fact what was so great about it is that i was able to make some hot trades in just the first 90 minutes of my morning and then had the rest of […] Continue reading

Full Time Social Media Creator/Manager for FOUS4trading and Cameron Fous Brand

cameron fous • 12th October 2017

For a decade I have become proficient in all of the things listed below.  However, I no longer have the time to do these things myself and need someone to do this full-time so we can grow at scale. We are looking for someone who has ALL of these skills. THAT IS THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENT […] Continue reading

Hello world!

cameron fous • 16th August 2017

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Pros and Cons of Day Trading from Asia

Robert Millar • 11th June 2017

Hey Gang! It’s been an interesting 2 months since I went full digital nomad trading in Asia. Coming from San Diego where I started trading everyday at 6:30am to Bali, Thailand, and then Hong Kong where I started at 8:30-9:30pm it was quite the adjustment to say the least.  Overall the experience has been amazing […] Continue reading

How I made $14,000 in a Week Trading Stocks

Robert Millar • 13th March 2017

Wow, what a great market we are experiencing so far in 2017! This past week specifically has had some amazing trading opportunities that I executed nearly flawlessly all week. Including my biggest trade of the year! As many of you know, I sold everything and became a full time digital nomad! Fully enjoying the freedom that being a […] Continue reading

How Balance in Your Life Can Improve Your Trading

Robert Millar • 9th October 2016

Hello all! I after an exciting 2 months of market action, Fous4 Academy wrapping up a good friend of mine was traveling to Tulum, Mexico for her dirty-thirty birthday! Of course, as any person would you initially think of all the things you have to do…but “Oh yea! I’m a Professional day-trader, adios San Diego ya voy para México!!”  Regardless […] Continue reading