How to Trade the 13 EMA Shorting Strategy

Robert Millar • 19th June 2018

In our last blog HERE, we discussed using the 13 EMA with our bounce strategy. That was one of the several strategies we consult the 13 EMA with on the long side. Today, we’re using the 13 EMA with $GEVO that provided decent gains for us on the short-side. Here’s $GEVO the news that I […] Continue reading

How to Trade the 13EMA Bounce Strategy

Robert Millar • 14th June 2018

What is the 13 EMA? The 13 (exponential moving average) EMA is a key component to the Fous4Trading Strategy. A moving average can be calculated in different ways. A thirteen-day simple moving average (SMA) adds up the thirteen most recent daily closing prices and divides it by thirteen to create a new average each day. […] Continue reading