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How I made $70,000 in a month as a college dropout -

The Most Peculiar AIRBNB I have Ever Stayed In As a Travel Vlogger in Bangkok

cameron fous • 7th October 2017

I have been a luxury traveler, now vlogger, for many years and seen a lot of Airbnb's. But none quite like this one! And then we realized something Continue reading

Why Setting Expectations Sets You up for Disappointment and Failure In Penny Stocks

cameron fous • 7th October 2017

Setting expectations in day trading can surely cause a reality check that leads to disappointment and failure. After 12 years of learning Continue reading

What I Learned About Shipping A Macbook Pro To Thailand

cameron fous • 7th October 2017

I decided it was time a purchased my very first macbook pro. Is it good for day trading? No, But supposed to be great for video editing! Continue reading

Learn How I Made $14k This Week As A Digital Nomad Day Trader

cameron fous • 7th October 2017

I've been a Day Trader for 12 years and a digital nomad for just 2 weeks. Is day trading the best job for digital nomads? i think it just might! Continue reading

How To Live Like A King As a Digital Nomad ; Day trading!

cameron fous • 6th October 2017

I've had a lot of material things and a lot of BS in my life. I sold everything and moved to "the world". I am now a full time digital nomad! Continue reading

My First Week As A Day Trader Digital Nomad in Thailand

cameron fous • 6th October 2017

My First week as a digital nomad is complete and I don't know if I have ever been happier in my life! The fact that this is not a vacation. Continue reading

The Pursuit Of Happiness Is a Selfish Road

cameron fous • 6th October 2017

This was my last day in my home of the last 8 years. And it was deeply emotional to say the least. San Diego is still the best overall city Continue reading

To Travel… Or Not To Travel? What would you do?

cameron fous • 6th October 2017

I'm at a cross road.... Do I move to Miami? Or do I do what I live for.... Travel the World rent and car payments free?? I just don't know what to do anymore! Continue reading

The FOUS4 Day Trading Team Reunion in Miami!

cameron fous • 6th October 2017

Was so awesome getting the whole team together for the first time in over a year as we are all literally in the farthest corners of the US! Continue reading