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The Crazy UBud Monkey Forest and our Epic Bali Villa

cameron fous • 7th October 2017

Want to stay at Villa Graceland? You can! Continue reading

UBUD is Magical – Tegallalang Rice Terraces & Campuhan Ridge Hike

cameron fous • 7th October 2017

Had an Amazing First day in Ubud as we checked in to our amazing villa that was a little tough to get to! But was totally worth it. UBUD has so much Continue reading

This EPIC Bali Villa Costs How Much Per Night?! The Price Will Shock You

cameron fous • 7th October 2017

I have stayed in Villas all over the world. Paying upwards of $1500/night for one of Pablo Escobars former Penthouses in Medellin, Colombia to Continue reading

I Just Lost $9,000 Day Trading! How I Get It Back Will Surprise You

cameron fous • 7th October 2017

Losing is a Big part of Day Trading. In fact its a HUGE part of the entire game! So much so that I lose on 50% of my trades. The key to long term success Continue reading

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Traveling : Bose QC35

cameron fous • 7th October 2017

This is my first pair of wireless noise cancelling headphones. And I was extremely skeptical about spending nearly $400 on them.. Continue reading

The Best Rated Hotel In Hong Kong Will Leave Your Head in The Clouds… Literally

cameron fous • 7th October 2017

The Worlds Highest and Hong Kongs Best Rated 5 star Hotel is the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong which is located in the top 16 stories of the International Commerce Centre Continue reading

Best City In The World? 5 Things to do in Hong Kong!

cameron fous • 7th October 2017

I have always thought San Diego was the best city in the world. But that notion has now been questioned after spending a week in Hong Kong Continue reading

A Luxury Travel Vlog Experience In Bangkok @ The 5 Star SO Sofitel Hotel Thailand

cameron fous • 7th October 2017

Here we are staying at the 5 star luxury SO Sofitel Hotel in Bangkok Thailand over looking lumpini park. Its world class and has an amazing view to boot. Continue reading

How I Bought A DJI MAVIC PRO Drone and Made $5,000 … In Bangkok

cameron fous • 7th October 2017

I have been a Professional Day Trader for 12 years. And recently, I became a full time digital nomad and luxury travel vlogger as well. Hence why i needed a drone! Continue reading