Robert Millar • 16th August 2018

People always ask why I trade small cap stocks instead of large caps. You know, the ones you hear about everyday like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc. There are clear advantages and reasons to trade small cap stocks over everything else.  So…let’s get right to it with the basics. What is a small cap stock?  Typically, […] Continue reading

Overstaying your Welcome in the Market

Robert Millar • 28th June 2018

Imagine hosting a house party. You spent a lot of time organizing and making sure there’s enough food and drinks. Everyone’s having a blast!  Then you look at your watch and it’s almost 2am. Most of your friends left, but there’s one couple left and they are annoying! All of the booze you provided for […] Continue reading

How to Trade the 13EMA Bounce Strategy

Robert Millar • 14th June 2018

What is the 13 EMA? The 13 (exponential moving average) EMA is a key component to the Fous4Trading Strategy. A moving average can be calculated in different ways. A thirteen-day simple moving average (SMA) adds up the thirteen most recent daily closing prices and divides it by thirteen to create a new average each day. […] Continue reading

Mobile Trading Computer Setup Guide

Robert Millar • 22nd February 2018

I’m sure you all know I’ve been traveling and trading around the world this past year. It’s been amazing! Along the journey I’ve also become a self-proclaimed expert on computers and tech gear that make trading on the road as efficient and convenient as possible.  Nothing can replace a nice multi-monitor desktop trading station, but […] Continue reading

Vlogging a Day in the Life of A Pro Day Trader & Entrepreneur

cameron fous • 5th October 2017

First vlog here recapping my Friday starting out by banking $5,000 day Continue reading