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5 Steps to Making $300 a Day Trading Stocks

How I made $14,000 in a Week Trading Stocks

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Pros and Cons of Day Trading from Asia

Robert Millar • 11th June 2017

Hey Gang! It’s been an interesting 2 months since I went full digital nomad trading in Asia. Coming from San Diego where I started trading everyday at 6:30am to Bali, Thailand, and then Hong Kong where I started at 8:30-9:30pm it was quite the adjustment to say the least.  Overall the experience has been amazing […] Continue reading

5 Steps to Making $300 a Day Trading Stocks

Robert Millar • 7th May 2017

I get hundreds of messages a day, especially after a big day like my $4,100 trade on $DELT last week, and there’s a common theme. Everyone gets excited and asks me how they could do is as well. This is what most new traders only get excited about! Those BIG gainers that come along and grab […] Continue reading

How I made $14,000 in a Week Trading Stocks

Robert Millar • 13th March 2017

Wow, what a great market we are experiencing so far in 2017! This past week specifically has had some amazing trading opportunities that I executed nearly flawlessly all week. Including my biggest trade of the year! As many of you know, I sold everything and became a full time digital nomad! Fully enjoying the freedom that being a […] Continue reading

How To Bank $5,000/Week Through The Holidays

Robert Millar • 5th December 2016

The trading week after Thanksgiving is always though. Days of feasting and drinking wine with friends and family is great! However, it’s tough when Monday comes and you just want to sleep-in but you can’t! There’s money to be made! How much did we make? You’ll have to find out in this blog as I review the entire week […] Continue reading

Stock Market Crash? Top 3 Reasons It’s Good & How To Profit

Robert Millar • 8th November 2016

After 12+ years of trading I know first hand what its like to go through a stock market crash. An experience few traders survive. In August 2008, I made my move to the “Big City” of San Diego after growing up in the small hippy infested town of Eugene, Oregon. Little did I know, I would […] Continue reading

Pump & Dump Stocks are Back! How to Trade these Penny Stock Manipulations

Robert Millar • 6th November 2016

Is it True? Are Pump & Dumps stocks really back!? It appears so! Marijuana and Oil stocks trading on the OTC markets have been making crazy moves to the upside lately. Sometimes even up 500% in several days! We haven’t seen this kind of action in quite some time. However, this OTC market environment is not like the Pump […] Continue reading

How Balance in Your Life Can Improve Your Trading

Robert Millar • 9th October 2016

Hello all! I after an exciting 2 months of market action, Fous4 Academy wrapping up a good friend of mine was traveling to Tulum, Mexico for her dirty-thirty birthday! Of course, as any person would you initially think of all the things you have to do…but “Oh yea! I’m a Professional day-trader, adios San Diego ya voy para México!!”  Regardless […] Continue reading

Is the Golden Age of Sub Penny Stocks Over? OTC Markets New Regulations

Robert Millar • 26th March 2014

Wow this is big news just released by the OTCBB markets and I love it! I know I say I trade “penny stocks” and people may think that what I do is a scam just because that word is involved. But the fact of the matter is that I only trade stocks listed on the […] Continue reading