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Why We Trade the Market Open

Robert Millar • 25th October 2018

Probably one of the most common misconceptions with trading is that you need to be planted in front of your screens all day to make good money. There was a point in my life where I thought that too. Now I’ve discovered less can be more and guess what? I have more time to enjoy […] Continue reading

The Good, Bad & the Ugly of Trading Stocks

Robert Millar • 17th October 2018

Through my 14 years of experience as a professional day trader, this game has definitely changed me in many ways… permanently. I know for a fact that if I was not day trading my life would be way different. Reflecting on how my life was before I started doing this full time out of college […] Continue reading


Robert Millar • 18th September 2018

It’s pretty strange to think traders play a game where losing is inevitable. Naturally as humans, it is our instinct to avoid losing or having negative drawdowns in any activity at all costs. They take a toll on our mental capital and make us question our abilities as a trader. It’s one of the rare professions […] Continue reading

How to Trade the Weed Stock Sector Craze

Robert Millar • 12th September 2018

Typically, two to three times a year we get an amazing thing called a sector craze. A sector craze essentially is when a specific group of stocks from the same industry or sector heat up, pick up volume/volatility, and go parabolic sometimes running 100%, 200%, even 500% in a days/weeks.  Cryptocurrency, Shippers, Biotechs, and body […] Continue reading


Robert Millar • 16th August 2018

People always ask why I trade small cap stocks instead of large caps. You know, the ones you hear about everyday like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc. There are clear advantages and reasons to trade small cap stocks over everything else.  So…let’s get right to it with the basics. What is a small cap stock?  Typically, […] Continue reading

How to Start Day Trading in College

Robert Millar • 24th July 2018

College…the place to learn and to experiment a lot of things, the good and the bad.  The place you finally feel the freedom away from high school and your parents.  But, is this long lasting freedom? Is college preparing you for the next stage of life? Will College provide a pathway to true freedom? These are […] Continue reading

A Complete Guide to Failing as a New Trader

Robert Millar • 18th July 2018

A lot of traders, including myself, talk a lot about how to succeed as a trader.  However, you rarely see anything about how to actually FAIL as a new trader.  You have to know how to lose before you can know how to properly win and avoid that failure. Confused? Let me help.. There’s a […] Continue reading

The Real Truth about a Day Trader’s Life

Robert Millar • 16th July 2018

Parties, flashy cars, yachts, girls, and tripping over piles of cash… That’s what being a day trader is really like every day… right? Well, not exactly. Then what is it? I made a video entitled “The Real Truth about the Life of a Day Trader” to show you what it’s like.  It might not be […] Continue reading

Overstaying your Welcome in the Market

Robert Millar • 28th June 2018

Imagine hosting a house party. You spent a lot of time organizing and making sure there’s enough food and drinks. Everyone’s having a blast!  Then you look at your watch and it’s almost 2am. Most of your friends left, but there’s one couple left and they are annoying! All of the booze you provided for […] Continue reading