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Top Trading Tips: Stay Up to Date with FOUS4 Trading

How to Transition into a Full-Time Trader

5 Steps to Making $300 a Day Trading Stocks

How I made $14,000 in a Week Trading Stocks

Top 5 Reasons Fous4Trading is the Best Place to Learn and Trade Stocks

Mobile Trading Computer Setup Guide

Robert Millar • 22nd February 2018

I’m sure you all know I’ve been traveling and trading around the world this past year. It’s been amazing! Along the journey I’ve also become a self-proclaimed expert on computers and tech gear that make trading on the road as efficient and convenient as possible.  Nothing can replace a nice multi-monitor desktop trading station, but […] Continue reading

How to Win in Today’s Stock Market

Robert Millar • 25th September 2017

What a market we are having! With the stock market up 22% year-over-year and breaking record highs there’s certainly a great but unique environment to trading the Fous4 Strategy. For those on the fence thinking they may have missed the boat; let me tell you, there’s no better time to get started trading and I’ll […] Continue reading

How to Transition into a Full-Time Trader

Robert Millar • 13th September 2017

Becoming a full-time trader certainly doesn’t happen over night. However, that doesn’t mean trading is a difficult to enter profession that takes all-day everyday for years.  With today’s technology the average person, regardless of location around the world, can easily access the market with powerful tools and software from the comfort of home.  In addition, […] Continue reading

Best Trade of the Year?

Robert Millar • 13th August 2017

On August 7th, I sent out the Special Report stock play for FREE (below) on $XTNT, which was in a FOUS4 Gold Pattern. I alert patterns like this daily for Fous4Live Members, but occasionally I send reports like this to everyone to get a glimpse of the work the #Fous4Team does daily.  Here we are […] Continue reading

Trading Strategy is Not the Hardest Thing for Day Traders to Master

Robert Millar • 9th August 2017

How can Day Traders with a good strategy still lose money? I see it ALL the time. In fact, I was one of them for 3 years! Let me explain what I was missing and how serious this is in the video below. Be forewarned, I get a little upset! So I’ve put together the […] Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons Fous4Trading is the Best Place to Learn and Trade Stocks

Robert Millar • 14th June 2017

Today we are gonna breakdown why you have just found the best place to learn how to trade the stock market! Fous4Trading is a one-stop shop for everything a new trader needs to get started trading with zero knowledge to being a proficient trader in a short amount of time. How is the possible? With your […] Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Day Trading from Asia

Robert Millar • 11th June 2017

Hey Gang! It’s been an interesting 2 months since I went full digital nomad trading in Asia. Coming from San Diego where I started trading everyday at 6:30am to Bali, Thailand, and then Hong Kong where I started at 8:30-9:30pm it was quite the adjustment to say the least.  Overall the experience has been amazing […] Continue reading

5 Steps to Making $300 a Day Trading Stocks

Robert Millar • 7th May 2017

I get hundreds of messages a day, especially after a big day like my $4,100 trade on $DELT last week, and there’s a common theme. Everyone gets excited and asks me how they could do is as well. This is what most new traders only get excited about! Those BIG gainers that come along and grab […] Continue reading

How I made $14,000 in a Week Trading Stocks

Robert Millar • 13th March 2017

Wow, what a great market we are experiencing so far in 2017! This past week specifically has had some amazing trading opportunities that I executed nearly flawlessly all week. Including my biggest trade of the year! As many of you know, I sold everything and became a full time digital nomad! Fully enjoying the freedom that being a […] Continue reading