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A Complete Guide to Failing as a New Trader

Robert Millar • 18th July 2018

A lot of traders, including myself, talk a lot about how to succeed as a trader.  However, you rarely see anything about how to actually FAIL as a new trader.  You have to know how to lose before you can know how to properly win and avoid that failure. Confused? Let me help.. There’s a […] Continue reading

The Real Truth about a Day Trader’s Life

Robert Millar • 16th July 2018

Parties, flashy cars, yachts, girls, and tripping over piles of cash… That’s what being a day trader is really like every day… right? Well, not exactly. Then what is it? I made a video entitled “The Real Truth about the Life of a Day Trader” to show you what it’s like.  It might not be […] Continue reading

Overstaying your Welcome in the Market

Robert Millar • 28th June 2018

Imagine hosting a house party. You spent a lot of time organizing and making sure there’s enough food and drinks. Everyone’s having a blast!  Then you look at your watch and it’s almost 2am. Most of your friends left, but there’s one couple left and they are annoying! All of the booze you provided for […] Continue reading

The Best Way to LOSE Trading Stocks

Robert Millar • 26th June 2018

Returning to Bali has brought back some memories….Including one that maybe isn’t the most pleasant.  About a year ago, the last time I was in Bali, I took a nasty loss. It was all documented (video below) as well as my recovery process, but since it was such a pivotal moment in my career I […] Continue reading

How to Trade the 13 EMA Shorting Strategy

Robert Millar • 19th June 2018

In our last blog HERE, we discussed using the 13 EMA with our bounce strategy. That was one of the several strategies we consult the 13 EMA with on the long side. Today, we’re using the 13 EMA with $GEVO that provided decent gains for us on the short-side. Here’s $GEVO the news that I […] Continue reading

How to Trade the 13EMA Bounce Strategy

Robert Millar • 14th June 2018

What is the 13 EMA? The 13 (exponential moving average) EMA is a key component to the Fous4Trading Strategy. A moving average can be calculated in different ways. A thirteen-day simple moving average (SMA) adds up the thirteen most recent daily closing prices and divides it by thirteen to create a new average each day. […] Continue reading

Mobile Trading Computer Setup Guide

Robert Millar • 22nd February 2018

I’m sure you all know I’ve been traveling and trading around the world this past year. It’s been amazing! Along the journey I’ve also become a self-proclaimed expert on computers and tech gear that make trading on the road as efficient and convenient as possible.  Nothing can replace a nice multi-monitor desktop trading station, but […] Continue reading

How to Win in Today’s Stock Market

Robert Millar • 25th September 2017

What a market we are having! With the stock market up 22% year-over-year and breaking record highs there’s certainly a great but unique environment to trading the Fous4 Strategy. For those on the fence thinking they may have missed the boat; let me tell you, there’s no better time to get started trading and I’ll […] Continue reading

How to Transition into a Full-Time Trader

Robert Millar • 13th September 2017

Becoming a full-time trader certainly doesn’t happen over night. However, that doesn’t mean trading is a difficult to enter profession that takes all-day everyday for years.  With today’s technology the average person, regardless of location around the world, can easily access the market with powerful tools and software from the comfort of home.  In addition, […] Continue reading