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EXPOSED: The Truth Revealed About Life As A Day Trader

cameron fous • 3rd November 2017

This is the the REAL truth about life as a day trader! We had a whole lot of fun filming this video. In fact what was so great about it is that i was able to make some hot trades in just the first 90 minutes of my morning and then had the rest of […] Continue reading

Full Time Social Media Creator/Manager for FOUS4trading and Cameron Fous Brand

cameron fous • 12th October 2017

For a decade I have become proficient in all of the things listed below.  However, I no longer have the time to do these things myself and need someone to do this full-time so we can grow at scale. We are looking for someone who has ALL of these skills. THAT IS THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENT […] Continue reading

Preferred Trading Broker

cameron fous • 5th October 2017

Picking a good broker is key to your success and performance. Especially when it comes to short selling, of which we do a lot.  Here is a list of brokers that can help you gain an edge in day trading   Best For Short Selling:  Centerpoint Securites : Minimum $50,000 to open an account […] Continue reading

FOUSim – The Ultimate Practice Paper Trading Solution

cameron fous • 5th October 2017

You guys are anxious to get started and make bank… I know this. But you need patience and practice first. Once complete with the FOUS4 training program it’s time to get started in the FOUSim paper trading simulator! This will give you access to a professional trading platform on before you risk your actual money […] Continue reading

How To Use Trade Journals

cameron fous • 5th October 2017

Journaling your trades is essential to your success as a day trader. Just as business rely on data and analytics to maximize performance in their company. You need to approach day trading the same exact way.  Here we provide a free excel sheet with formulas built in to manually enter your trades and track your […] Continue reading

How To Setup Your Tc2000 Charting

cameron fous • 4th October 2017

Tc2000: The mother of all charting programs. It can do a lot of stuff but i prefer to keep things simple with just a few indicators and settings.  SIGN UP FOR TC2000 HERE Here are the indicators i use and setup on tc2000. Moving Averages: These are the 3 that i use to follow both […] Continue reading

FOUS4 Stock Scanners with Trade Ideas

cameron fous • 4th October 2017

Trade Ideas has been my go to stock scanner for years and I am finally giving you guys my secret sauce! I have created my own proprietary scans within their eco system directly geared towards finding the hottest setups that we trade here at FOUS4 Trading. You won’t find these scans in their default settings. […] Continue reading