Best Trade of the Year?

Robert Millar • 13th August 2017

On August 7th, I sent out the Special Report stock play for FREE (below) on $XTNT, which was in a FOUS4 Gold Pattern. I alert patterns like this daily for Fous4Live Members, but occasionally I send reports like this to everyone to get a glimpse of the work the #Fous4Team does daily.  Here we are a few days later, so what happened?

I alerted the BUY of $XTNT at $0.90. Let’s take a look…

BOOM! A 30% Gainer in 3 days! 

For those new traders starting small plays like these can really help you grow your account. Even with $1,000 that’s a $300 profit! $XTNT recently had bad earnings, but that was spelled out very clearly to not swing through earnings.

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Read the Original August 7th SPECIAL REPORT detailing why I Alerted $XTNT below:

It’s been awhile since we pulled out a Special Report stock pick! Special Report stocks are unique trading opportunities that are a combination of really strong FOUS4 Patterns with recent news, events or fundamentals as well. Typically, such as the case here, brought to light ahead of the actual sweet spot or buy trigger. For the record, I can’t remember even one Special Report stock that did not return solid gains. Let me why I love $XTNT, Xtant Medical Holdings Inc., and why I think this stock is primed to run.

$XTNT develops, manufactures and markets class-leading regenerative medicine products and medical devices for domestic and international markets. Do I particularly care exactly what they do and why? Not really, the Fous4 Strategy focuses on powerful technical chart patterns that I teach in my FOUS4 Training Program. So I focus on momentum stocks, price action and volume and generally Day-Trade or Swing-Trade. Lets take a closer look at $XTNT and it’s upside potential.

Whenever I enter a stock, both swing-trade or day-trade, I consult both the intraday chart (left) and the daily chart (right). This way I can see the overall long-term trends with the daily chart and use the intraday to precisely pick my entries and exits. I teach this and much much more in my Fous4 Training Program. Fous4 focuses on getting started and swing-trading while Fous4x2 is all about day-trading, software, knowing exactly when to buy and sell, and much more.

Today I will give you for FREE one of my FAVORITE stock trading setup patterns that $XTNT is in. It’s called the FOUS GOLD Pattern.

The FOUS GOLD Pattern is one of the most powerful swing-trading setups from the FOUS4 Training Courses. As you can see above its a stock that has has been flirting with the $1 resistance line, but starting to gain momentum and ascend with higher-lowers on the daily chart.

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This morning I alerted to my Members the following BUY Alerts on $XTNT in my NEW Custom Trading Room:

So, I’m looking forward to see what $XTNT does over the next few days as this stock has massive upside potential! On Wednesday, $XTNT does have earnings scheduled so it’ll be interesting how this stock reacts going forward. Look forward updates on my Twitter feed HERE and give me a follow of you haven’t already! I follow back 🙂

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