Stock Market Crash? Top 3 Reasons It’s Good & How To Profit

Robert Millar • 8th November 2016

After 12+ years of trading I know first hand what its like to go through a stock market crash. An experience few traders survive. In August 2008, I made my move to the “Big City” of San Diego after growing up in the small hippy infested town of Eugene, Oregon. Little did I know, I would soon experience one of the biggest financial meltdown we have ever seen, the Great Recession! This was quite unsettling to say the least as I had just launched my after dropped out of college to pursue my career as a day trader and educator.  I can tell you now that I was fully unprepared for the crash and fortunately by way of maybe luck I survived as I always took small loses. Once the dust settled in early 2009 Fous4Trading Students and I absolutely crushed it!

Dow Jones Chart – The Great Recession of 2008:


Will we see something like the Great Recession again? It’s possible, but likely not nearly as bad.  Our financial system is still screwed up, but fail-safes and been put in place and everyone has learned a lot from that fiasco; most importantly that includes myself. Prior to the Stock market crash I was a full time swing trader; however, due to the extreme volatility that was created during and after the 2008 crisis, I have emphasized more on day trading and the excitement of the game has increased ten fold. Day Trading is a fast paced game that by no means is easy. But we are here to help you get past the barriers beginning traders have when first starting to day trader. I have been trading stocks for 12+ years and it’s my goal to make $1-2k/day in the first hour of the trading session and be done for the day!  My strategy is ideal for those with busy work or school schedules.

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Top 3 Reasons why I think a stock market crash would be good and how I’m going to make bank if it does happen. Enjoy!

Now am I predicting a stock market crash? God no….Anyone who says they can predict the stock market is a complete lunatic. However, I am fully prepared for it and actually welcome it with open arms! If I knew what I know about day trading back in the 2008 crash I can only imagine how much money I could have made.  Being able to learn, grow, and adapt ones strategies to the always changing market conditions is my job has a professional day trader.  It is important for you new traders to surround yourselves with professionals that you can learn from. Experience is the most important aspect of choosing who to learn from.  For you new traders out there researching what trading guru you’d like to learn from make sure you know how long they have been trading. If they have only been trading for 4 years like some “guru’s” I know, RUN AWAY!

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There are still great Fous4 swing trades that happen several times a month that give Fous4Trading Members some of biggest gainers!  So by no means is the original Fous4 strategies dead! I just prefer to focus on making quick money in the AM and sleeping easy at night knowing I’m all or mostly cash. In addition, the long-term Fous4 daily chart patterns taught in the Fous4 Training Courses are essential to identify for my Fous4x2 day trading strategies. 

Case in point, $PTX was a picture perfect FOUS4 Revival Breakout Pattern that I traded on Fous4Live and was identified on my nightly stock-pick watch-list so everyone was prepared.  I am a professional trader so I had a larger position of 40,000 shares locking in a +$9,000 profit from the swing trade BOO YAH! When FOUS4 patterns rip 54% from our buy-alert you will be smiling with ANY account size and make bank! Later I’ll show you a video of me breaking down the $PTX trade LIVE on Fous4Live.   

day trader

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