How To Bank $5,000/Week Through The Holidays

Robert Millar • 5th December 2016

The trading week after Thanksgiving is always though. Days of feasting and drinking wine with friends and family is great! However, it’s tough when Monday comes and you just want to sleep-in but you can’t! There’s money to be made! How much did we make? You’ll have to find out in this blog as I review the entire week of trading with the intention of learning lessons for myself and you. If you are a new trader starting small there is no better way to improve you performance than reviewing your trades on the weekend. Most will not do this out of laziness, which that is why most traders fail. It’s my job to give my students that are dedicated the knowledge and tools necessary to win consistently. Now, let’s get on with the week of November 28th and break-down the plays that were alerted in real-time to FousAlerts Members.

Monday – November 28, 2016

So I chugged a Cold-Brew Coffee to shake-off the usual 5:30am grogginess and soon after a rush of excitement came over me.  My stock watchlist was packed with high-probability stocks to trade!  All Fous4Live/Chat Room Members receive my watchlist the night before the market everyone so everyone is well prepared to bank. $HTBX, $THLD, and $IDXG and $PTN stood out to me the most while scanning the market for stocks to trade.

Let’s break down the trades:

9:37 AM EST – $HTBX Short 5000 shares @ $2.85 Covered @ $2.85 for -$o -o% 

9:32 AM EST – $HTBX Short 5000 shares @ $2.82 Covered @ $2.65 for +$850 +6% 

9:45 AM EST – $THLD Long 40000 shares @ $0.55  Sell @ $o.515 for -$1,600 -7% 

Total on the Day = -$750

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So $HTBX is a biotech stock that ran up over 100% in a week on investor optimism of upcoming clinical trials. Biotech stocks have insane upside and downside potential and are extremely influenced by news and reactionary speculation.  Once thing is for sure, most these companies are destined for failure and the smart money is on the short-side.  $HTBX opened up under the $3.00 resistance level and when the stock failed to break out an at this level I pounced with 5000 shares short. I quickly doubted myself and the trade and covered for break even. My fear was that this stock had momentum and I doubted my timing. The buying volume was significant and I knew it could squeeze. Once I exited the trade I knew I made a mistake and continued stalking for a reentry. $HTBX failed to break out and then failed to regain highs over the VWAP indicator. I shorted again at $2.82 and literally covered in 20 seconds for +$850!


This stock kept running and then days later I missed a huge move to the down-side.  As I mentioned as with biotech stocks there’s a lot of unpredictable moves!  $HTBX revealed negative Phase II Clinical Trial results and investors and long traders got spanked!

$THLD was in a Fous4 Revival Pattern that I teach in my Fous4 Training Courses that I intended to swing trade. As you can see below, this trade and HUGE upside and was worth the risk. See below for the chart analysis:


$IDXG was on watch and unfortunately I was unable to locate shares to short, but my TOP student Mike Spinosa did and made +$2,400 profit in less than an hour! Several students were also able to nail this one with the Hedge Fund, which offers great ability to short stocks with a small minimum capital requirement.


Tuesday – November 28, 2016

I generally focus on the market open, but when a perfect Fous4 Pattern does not present itself, I don’t trade. Just because I have hundreds of students waiting for my trades everyday I reminded them that CASH is a position too! Your trading account needs to be safeguarded at all times and only exposed to the market when the risk/reward is favorable.

So I went to breakfast and came back and scanned the market and there it was! $BCDA, a similar setup as $HTBX and also a biotech, presented itself. I had learned from what had happened with $HTBX and used that and decided to swing trading $BCDA for a bigger piece of the pie.

12:21 PM EST – $BCDA Short 40000 shares @ $0.485 SWING TRADE

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Wednesday – November 29, 2016

Today would be an EPIC day of trading! It’s a great feeling when as a trader when days of trade preparation culminates in a HUGE day of profits.  Preparation is everything in trading. This is a reason many traders fail! They are half-assing their trading and thus their feel and touch with the market is non-existent.  It’s like trying to surf with a blindfold on; you’ll miss-time the waves and probably have an awful day of surfing.  Let’s go over the day:

9:32 AM EST – $IMN Short 10000 shares @ $1.10 Covered @ $1.06 for +$454 +4% 

9:40 AM EST – $GBR Buy 1600 shares @ $2.43 Sold @ $2.31 for $192 -5% 

9:43 AM EST – $BCDA ADD 10000 shares @ $0.43 Covered @ $0.36 for +$3,672 +20% 

Total on the Day = +$3,934

What a DAY! I love it when a plan comes together and me and my students BANK! I don’t care what size account you have a 20% win will help you grow.  I trade LIVE everyday on Fous4Live that all Elite members have access to. On Fous4Live you can see me trade whether I win or lose! Transparency is key and Fous4Live is how you can see exactly when and how I’m trading the Fous4 Strategy. See my account showing the days realized gains!


Check out my Video Reviewing the Day’s Trades:

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Thursday – November 30, 2016

The HOT week continued and today we again ended it green!

9:31 AM EST – $BSTG Short 5000 shares @ $1.35 Covered @ $1.12 for +$1,150 +17% 

9:40 AM EST – $FNMA Short 3000 shares @ $4.98 Covered @ $4.89 for +$270 +2% 

Total on the Day = +$1,420

Not a bad day! It’s important when any trader is on a hot streak to keep the mind grounded.  As a Fous4 Trader you are often in and out of stocks and need to make quick decisions. To accomplish this, you need a certain presence of mind and discipline. I could have easily felt over-confident with my trading and lost half or all of the weeks gains very quickly. Remember, as a trader you are only as good as your next trade.

Friday – December 1, 2016

It’s Friday! As a trader Friday’s are very important as your trading this day defines your mood for the weekend. You will either party all weekend with profits and happiness OR drinking your sorrows away with losses. BUT that is what the weekend is for, to recoup mentally and come back ready to attack the following Monday.

9:33 AM EST – $NVCN Buy 10000 shares @ $0.89 Sell @ $0.90 for +$2 +0% 

9:40 AM EST – $CTIC Short 25000 shares @ $0.54 Covered @ $0.51 for +$740 +5.5% 

10:14 AM EST – $ASNA Short 2000 shares @ $7.13 Covered @ $6.99 for +$300 +2% 

Total on the Day = +$1,042

It’s always good to close out the week strong and enjoy the weekend feeling good! I always tell new traders to keep their profit expectations realistic to their account size. I understand many of you are starting small so $150-300 a day should be your daily target. When new traders have unrealistic daily targets it can result in frustration and disaster.  The point here is I want ALL of my students to WIN and be happy when they shut down their trading platform for the day. The best way to do that is keep your profit targets realistic while you’re growing your account and walking away from the table with profits! So here’s the tally from the week:

Monday: -$750

Tuesday: +$0

Wednesday: +$3,934

Thursday: +$1,420

Friday: +$1,042

Total Week’s Profits: +$5,646

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